Emily White, MD

Emily White, MD, serves as the secretary of the of the UK Focused Ultrasound Foundation. She joined the Charlottesville, Virginia based Focused Ultrasound Foundation in 2016 as Director of Operations. Prior to joining the Foundation, Dr. White was a private consultant working in operations and business development support in the healthcare and medical start-up space. Her clients have included everything from a 4,000+ employee, publicly traded, health care company to a brand new start-up with two employees. Her background includes training in general surgery, leadership positions in several highly technical start-up companies with federal clients, non-profit executive management and over 25 years of grant writing experience. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology & Anthropology at Smith College, holds certification for Community Conflict Resolution from Loyola Law School, and is a University of Virginia School of Medicine graduate. In 2018, Emily expanded her role to include Managing Director of FUS Partners, the Foundation’s efforts to help the FUS industry’s commercialization efforts and expand their access to the MedTech capital markets.